An expert Roofing Consultant helps you manage, assess and conduct routine maintenance on your roofing systems. The systems that make up the building envelope include: the roofing systems, exterior wall systems, air barriers, foundations, floors, windows and doors. Your roof and building envelope are your first line of defense against the elements. The quality, material, and condition of your property affects your overhead, literally!

Damaging effects of building envelope failure can extend all the way through the building. According to a recent article in Building Enclosure magazine, the devastating effects of excess water and moisture intrusion lead to extreme structural deterioration, leaks, and flooding. Excess moisture creates the perfect environment to breed mold and bacteria, and also affect indoor air quality (IAQ).

What Does a Roofing Consultant Do?

When you’re faced with the massive project of needing to replace your roof and building exterior elements, an expert Roofing Consultant guides you through process from start to finish. A Consultant helps you with the decision-making process, inspections, contractor selection, warranty and materials selection, and ensures you have the correct options based on your geographic area, weather elements, energy needs, and budget. Hiring an expert Roofing Consultant is key to your success and can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions in savings through the duration of your roof life cycle.

An expert Roofing Consultant provides:

  1. Expert 3rd Party Inspections

Whether your property has suffered wear-and-tear, storm damage, structural deterioration, or you simply need an upgrade or routine maintenance, a Roofing Consultant conducts an independent 3rd party expert inspection of your roof and exterior building envelope to assess your property structure for damage. This in-depth inspection is the first step in assessing the condition of your property to determine the right strategy and solutions if damage is detected.  One of the most important functions of the roof and exterior envelope is to prevent water and vapor from penetrating the structure. If leaks are present in either the roof or walls, water can slowly accumulate. Precipitation deposited in an exterior envelope or roof can drain further into the structure, wreaking major havoc.

  1. Custom Specifications

After your property inspection, Roofing Consultants create your unique project specifications of work is necessary, based on their unique findings. The Consultant determines what type of roofing system fits your needs, including design, proper installation methods, and material options for your building envelope. Having project specifications in place ensures quality workmanship and eliminates any guesswork. Without these specs, you can face extra financial burden and/or installation issues down the road.

  1. Custom Material Selection

Whether it’s selecting the right material and type for aesthetic appeal, energy savings, or protection from harsh weather elements such as sun, wind, and rain; selecting the right materials will affect your business for many years. Choose the wrong system, and you’re stuck with the headache and hassle of storm damage and business interruption in a couple years. Choose the wrong material for your geographic area, and you’re leaking hundreds or thousands of dollars in energy costs right out the door. This is a very important aspect of the process. We certainly get our share of high A/C bills in Florida, along with major weather events including excessive wind and water damage from hurricanes and tropical storms.

  1. Annual Maintenance Inspections

It’s important that every building maintenance program includes an annually scheduled Roof & Exterior Building Envelope Inspection by a licensed Roofing Consultant. If a problem isn’t detected, it can’t be fixed. Your Roofing Consultant will identify issues while they are still minor.  A routine maintenance inspection pinpoints any structural, design, installation and/or material problems while they are still small. Routine maintenance inspections can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. Your custom annual Maintenance Report provides expert 3rd party reports and documentation, 3D imagery, photos, video, and measurements that you can submit to your insurance company if a claim is involved.

  1. Warranty Selection & Education

 A Roofing Consultant ensures that you are educated on warranty options, and makes educated recommendations based on your needs. Understanding your roofing warranties is a very important piece of the process. There are two types of warranties:

1.     Manufacturer Warranty

The Manufacturer Warranty is provided by the manufacturer of your roofing material. This guarantees your roof against material defects. This warranty is non-negotiable. Your Roofing Consultant helps you select the right manufacturer and warranty based on your unique needs. And even more importantly, ensures that you understand it.

2.     Contractor Warranty

The General or Roofing Contractor that completes your roof installation and building envelope repairs provides the Contractor Warranty. This guarantees their workmanship. Contractor Warranties are usually negotiable, and a Roofing Consultant ensures all the correct verbiage is included to protect you from unforeseen situations. Examples: Something leaks or breaks or they didn’t perform installation methods per building codes which voids your manufacturer warranty or they leave town and you can’t get in touch with them when an issue arises. Unfortunately this list can get long. There are plenty of reasons why you want to make sure this warranty is solid and protects you. A Roofing Consultant negotiates these warranty terms on your behalf, based on best practices in industry ethics and local laws.

  1. Adhering to Building Codes

A Roofing Consultant ensures that the Roofing or General Contractor you select for the job is licensed, accredited, certified, educated and experienced. Building codes and performance standards vary uniquely by region, and it’s important for your Contractor and their crews to abide by them. This is a crucial step for the success of your building envelope and new roofing systems. If not installed correctly per local building codes, your Manufacturer’s Warranty can be voided. Not to mention, the issues of having to go through repairs on something you thought you already did are a nightmare.

Venture Construction Group: Expert 3rd Party Roofing & Building Envelope Consultants

Venture Construction Group (VCG) specializes in expert 3rd party consulting and full-scale general contractor services. With a team of accredited Roofing Consultants and over 25 years of experience, we do it all. We provide damage assessments, 3rd party inspections, consultations and annual maintenance programs. Our state-of-the-art technology include virtual, 3D damage assessments, 4K/HD/3D drone mapping services, thermal moisture scans, and custom 3D measurements.